Experience the Transformative Power of Songwriting

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About Sound Leadership



We create transformative songwriting experiences for personal and professional growth, enabling audiences to express their stories in song.

>3’500 Participants
>500 Songs
>200 Programs
>60 Corporate Customers
8 Countries
3 Continents
4 Languages
>90% Customer Satisfaction

Passionate about music. Driven to help our clients.


Johannes Flecker

After a career in global management consulting and as a Berklee-trained musician, songwriter and producer, Dr. Johannes Flecker created Sound Leadership to utilize the power of songwriting and musical storytelling for organizational and personal development.

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The Music of Johannes Flecker


Abhijit Nath

Abhijit Nath leads the operations in Bangalore, bringing the innovative power of music thinking to India.

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Hemant A. Batra | CEO Kaden Boriss Legal Advisors India

Peter M. Fischer | Professor for Marketing, University of St. Gallen

Panos A. Panay | VP Strategy & Innovation, Berklee College