About Sound Leadership


Crafting Resounding Stories.

Sound Leadership is a New York City and Bangalore based creative consultancy with a global outreach. We help leaders transform their stories by creatively expressing, developing and delivering their core message.

We are a pioneer in exploiting the best, bravest, and boldest tools of deep storytelling and songwriting to achieve breakthroughs for our clients.

We deliver our services with our team of local songwriting facilitators as

team workshops
individual coaching
management consulting & training
in-person and online coaching

60+ corporate clients, 1,000+ individual coaching programs and 3,’000+ participants of our training and development initiatives trust the value we provide.


Meet Johannes

Johannes Flecker | Founder & CEO | New York City

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Johannes has helped 1,000s of business owners, executives, and individuals in all stages of life and career to improve their leadership, communication and storytelling skills. His passion for leadership and music shines through in his daily commitment to help his clients succeed.

With a decade of experience in management consulting and coaching and as a professional musician, Johannes deeply understands the needs of his clients and provides them with proven solutions. As an entrepreneur, Johannes is empathetic with everyone who has an innovative and different idea .

Johannes earned a doctoral degree in Marketing at the University of Graz, Austria, and he is a summa cum laude graduate from Berklee College of Music in songwriting and music writing & production, as well as an accomplished vocalist and pianist.

Johannes has designed and executed leadership development projects and creative programs with senior leadership at Fidelity, Boston Consulting Group, Swiss Economic Forum, Evonik Chemicals, IE Brown Executive MBA and 50+ organizations. For the last 12 years, Johannes has lived and worked in New York, Boston, Switzerland, France, Spain, and India.

His consulting and coaching work led him across the United States, Europe, India, Singapore, and UAE. As a highly demanded keynote speaker, he immerses global audiences in the power of musical creation, smashing their self-imposed creative limitations as leaders.

Born and raised in a family of classical musicians in Austria, Johannes lives in New York City with his partner. He loves backpacking through India, South East Asia and South America. As a singer, songwriter, producer and composer, he loves everything related to music.


Meet Abhijit

Abhijit Nath | Head India | Bangalore, India

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Abhijit Nath has a decade of experience in investment, strategy and consulting. He is an Indian classical and jazz musician. As India head of Sound Leadership, Abhijit brings cutting edge management techniques to the Indian market in a unique, creative fashion.

Abhijit has invested in companies totaling over US$500 million in the education, financial inclusion, real estate and TMT spaces. He has consulted for several organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the largest retailer in India.

Abhijit is a composer, guitarist and sarod player. His work focuses on applying the dense harmonies of jazz and 20th century Western classical music to the modal structures of Hindustani & Carnatic classical music. He is currently working on a project which re-imagines the work of Carnatic composer Lalgudi Jayaraman in a big band context.


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